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Omg I loved this cute short game! Jo is my spirit animal for real lol! 


So cute! I loved it!

It was really fun. I LOVED the ending.


Oh. My. Gosh! I loved this gay-me so much! This game related to me on a spiritual level. I know how it feels to like someone (of the same gender) in that way and be scared to tell them my feelings. It really made me happy! Thank you so much! (^w^)/

sincere and sweet. the art is lovely and the ending made me happy.  :')

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This was really nice and wanted to say happy Pride month.Go out there and express yourself :-)

So fun and quick to play and aw, the ending surprised me. Really sweet!


Okay, I'm not a crier, but this game - this 23 minute game - I cried. The extra dialogue and just the care I just - I'm not gonna explain it because I can't. Just thank you for existing and thank you for making this game.

Hey there! Thanks for taking time out of your day to leave this comment. I made this game from a place of love and solidarity and your reply means a lot to me. 

hi :) it is made with ren'py?

Yes it is!

Well... I enjoyed it. Though I'm still not sure what "it" is...

Anyways, more like this please! Love the humor!


"i've done utena, sailor neptune, godtier rose, akemi homura..."

D e f i n i t e l y   s t r a i g h t

Utena and lovelive?
Not exactly making this hard ; )

sorry i promise i will try harder next time haha