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This is not a serious game. Currently 11.5 endings with 10 different ending cards.

In case you want an idea of what exactly you can date, take a look at this post... (spoilers)

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Published Jan 05, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark Humor, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, humor, LGBT, renpy


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We played this last Valentine's Day and did awful so we thought we'd give it another go!

So I played this with a fellow game developer and some other friends who have a lot of visual novel experience.

When we came to our first ending (Zane's bad end) we thought it was pretty funny. A nice little meta approach to visual novels that we thought was amusing. Then we tested the Zane friend ending and that was okay. Then we get to the Zane boyfriend ending, and by then the meta endings sort of lose their lustre. 

Having played parodies of visual novels and meta games and games that break 4th wall with the player, we weren't particularly fond of the way the game handled it. I found the level of antagonism toward the player to go beyond "fun" into "well f*** you, too," territory. Like a platformer that's beyond hard for the sole purpose of being hard. That's all well and good if that's what you expect, but I find it comes across aggressively pretentious in this format. 

Having read about other routes, it seems like there are some very interesting narrative approaches, but the way the game has presented itself to me thus far doesn't make me want to engage with it anymore. That's a shame because it seems a like a lot of love was put into it, and it's trying to have a poignant message.

I understand why other reviewers seem to find a connection, but I don't see the appeal of a game that doesn't seem to want you to play it. 

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I don't get how so many people are so salty about the ending? I loved this game! I loved the style and I loved all the characters! Sure I was bit upset that I didn't get what I wanted, but it was a nice reminder.

The art is adorable, I love the color of the lines and how well everything looks. And using photos as backgrounds is really cool!

And I actually started to cry because sometimes I forget how loved I am and how far I've gotten. I found the ending amusing and something completely new! 

I really love this game, and I think I'll come back to it whenever I need a fresh mindset.


I got the Zane boyfriend ending. Yeah, it made me cry. Tfw the only thing that distracts you from the shitty world is now making you depressed too.. Oh well, guess you really can't trust anyone.

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So I was really enjoying the game, screaming over how adorable Sammy is, when it came to the option ask her to be a friend or girlfriend. I thought to myself "Well, in-game, my character and Sammy have been talking for months, so it makes way more sense to ask her out, than to ask her to be friends, because they'd already BE friends at this point. Plus, that sounds like the cutest option, and if she declines, it'll automatically put me on the friend route anyway and let me build it up manually. If she accepts, then it's just meant to be a short game, and that's fine."

So I asked her out.

And then I got lectured and insulted for choosing what I thought would be the most adorable route. This instantly ruined the game for me, being called pathetic for wanting to pass the time, and accused me of feeling "obligated" to date her for meeting her in a bathroom. Since when was "Will you be my girlfriend" someone demanding they date you? 

And to top it all off, if I DON'T date Sammy, you bitch and moan about how hard you worked on this game, and how I'm an asshole for NOT trying to date her. If I ask to be friends, Sammy says, just as I said above, that we'd been talking for months and were already friends, then mocks me for not asking her out on a dating sim.

Why waste your time and effort composing and drawing and scripting and blahblahblahwhogivesafuck, if you're just going to whine no matter what anyone does? I don't try to win, you whine like a little baby because I didn't play properly, and thus wasted your hard work. I DO try to win, and you whine like a bitch and call me a shit person for trying to appreciate your hard work, and say that hard work is stupid.

Some people may have found it funny, but it completely ruined what I thought was going to be a cute game. It's no wonder you don't have any fanart.


Cute game but Sammy's dialogue is really annoying. Why put emojis in her dialogue, it feels so weird.


Because thats how transgirls talk in life (source: married to a transgirl)  


This game influences such positive thinking! I love the messages it sends.


Fun  at first then it got boooooooooring

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Seems to crash immediately upon launch and showing the menu, but only when I'm moving my mouse accross the screen EDIT: it was due to itch.io's sandbox setting


AAAAAaa this is such a cute game, and so well executed too.   i hated sammy with passion after the first word though. lmao but still, a really cute idea1!


hey great big spoilers on this whole post DON T R EAD IT 

hey!! i just played this and, thank u so much for making sammy a trans girl and (i think?) some variety of sapphic? because im a trans lesbian and I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND THANK U FOR MAKING EVERY ENDING AROUND NOT BEING NICE TO HER IN THE BATHROOM NEGATIVE <3

i was gonna watch 3 hours of suffering but the game closed when i moved my mouse so um...


the beastiality

Is kool

That's so fuuun. I cry because of laughing ! I love the "congratulation you're an asshole !". So much fun :'D !

This game is so sassy!!


watched a walkthrough and was like what the hell



[Warning: Vulgar Language]

The game bullied me out of my man fantasies. :(

Love it~ Sammy was soo sweat ;u; 

and actually i laugh a lot with the endings, a very creative date simulator <3

Okay so the whole time it stopped the game i was terrified of there being a jump scare because that shit happens sometimes but this was an amazing game! I wish I could have given you money for it but I can't spend any rn (i relte to you sheldon) but this was amazing! It was very funny and ill probaby play this a lot.

Haha~ this game really gave me laugh. 

Heya, I really liked the game. I only played through to one of the endings, but I will definitely be testing out all the others (or as many as I can). It's funny, clever and enjoyable and I would highly recommend anyone to check it out.

I just don't like Zane...

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a small "let's play" of it.  

i really loved this game! im curious, im looking to possibly make my own games in the future and if it doesnt bother you, could you give me some pointers on good software? Thanks so much!

I used Ren'Py to make this game. It's a free vn software that has plenty of resources to help get you going:


Unity is another popular engine but I'm not as familiar with that one.

Haha, I loved this game- especially the ending I got.


hell yeah i am dating a box

me as well


No love for me, all I got from this game was sadness and a math lesson.

This game gave me conflicting messages on love. Confused but happy.

Why did you do this.

Yeah, this isn't funny. But I think the game is interesting. Whatever I picked, I always get those endings. :v

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