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This is not a serious game. Currently 11.5 endings with 10 different ending cards.

In case you want an idea of what exactly you can date, take a look at this post... (spoilers)

Will update with bug fixes maybe. Last update: Jan 27 2017

DLC here.

Soundtrack here.



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The Teresa ending is just GOLD

Thank you so much for making this game <3


I played this game and really enjoyed it's sense of humor and art style! The art style was stunningly beautiful!

This game insults you for making it worth your time. Usually comes in the form of poor gameplay, but 'Date (almost) Anything Simulator' does it by being trite and condescendening in a way that fails to be either inspiring or funny. I would love to see what other content the game has to offer to give it a fair review, but the game itself told me not to.

i love this markiplayer played it to

I downloaded it for windows but it only saves as a file and when i click on it, it takes me to the library and such. How does one fix this? xP

Teresa is my waifu

this game is amazing and almost made me cry ;~; i love u dearly

I did enjoy this game it was deff a different experience than what I am used to but its got some laughs for sure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


It's sad seeing so many people getting kind of butthurt over this game, and even more so when some feel personally insulted by the attitude the creator supposedly has towards those who play dating sims. I, for one, found this game charming and i liked what it was trying to do, though it does admittedly have it's flaws -- it's still nice. I used to play dating sims /a lot/ when i was younger, mainly because i wasn't able to do that stuff in the real world, and i wasn't ready to try push myself - so doing it in game was...easier. And i did waste A LOT of time building relationships in games, progressing stuff, etc - time i could've been trying to progress me and my real life relationships. I think that's one of the main kinda points. I don't think the creator hates those who play these games, i really don't - i just think this was meant to kinda 'open your eyes' and maybe try get the player to move these 'skills' to the real word. Whilst poking fun at some of the cliches that come dating sims. With that, the overall look, the feel and the funny stuff...i really like this game. Thanks for making it!

I put a lot of effort on this video and i would appreciate the support

Thanks for taking the time to make a lets play! I really like the editing in the video :^)

thank you for your support

My favorite endings were the ones were I got a math lecture, I found the love of my life and the one I was told to pay $1.99 to get (at most) a friend...honestly 10/10 IGN dating would date again. luved dis doe XD

this game made me really like Sheldon....why do u have to do this to me

Would you date me? I'd date me hard!!!

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The Sheldon love ending kind of confused me. You stated that you only talked to him once and served coffee once. However it clearly states before hand that Sheldon came in every Saturday to talk with you on break. And there was also the indication that a quite a bit of time passed, at least a couple months or even more. That whole bit about jumping right to the love interest was actually in very poor taste, and you are right I am disappointed. Disappointed you would make such a gap in your logic. The tone that came across in your writing was very mocking and sarcastic, and it made it feel as though you created a message you did not intend to. In fact, it made the message come across the opposite of what I believe you intended. That is assuming you in fact intended for an actual message at all. Honestly I'm not sure if you just made this game to make fun of people who play dating sims or not.


That's basically the same as the Zane ending, so I think it's probably actually meant to make fun of people who play dating games, while also trying to hugbox it out. Which doesn't work when you first make fifteen kinds of assumptions about the people playing it and directly insult them and make fun of their interests. So. Kind of rude, honestly.

As someone who used to often play dating simulators and still occasionally plays them, i adore this game for what it is. Most dating sims that i played are really illogical, contrived, and cliche. This game may be slightly poking fun at those games, and the players, but imo it does it in a charming way. I don't see it as rude, not at all - especially the Zaine ending. It's like 'go on, go and actually meet people, actually experience love but in real life, not just in a game.'

I don't know what games you play. Most of the dating games you play you're spending three years or several months getting to know a character before you so much as fall in love, much less get married. There are shorter stories (usually on mobile games) but it generally involves magic or other such circumstances that allow easier and quicker love. And more importantly, it's fiction. Do you walk up to a person and lecture them about how they need to get out and experience 'love' in real life when you see them watching a romcom or reading a romance? Probably not, unless you're a presumptuous dick. Do you go up to someone who plays Call of Duty or Skyrim and say "Hey, you should join the military for real" or "why not learn to be a real outdoorsman and find adventure in real life"? I bet you would not do that. Yet, somehow it's an acceptable target when it's a dating sim. It's okay that Call of Duty and Skyrim aren't realistic, that you can jump off a mountain and get shot in the chest several times and shake it off, but fall in love with some prince in thirty days?! Preposterous! You need to get a life and stop wasting it playing games!

It's absurd and it's uncalled for. How a person chooses to enjoy themselves doesn't say anything about what they do in real life. Good lord, married people play dating sims because they're fun. Or they would be, if this game didn't do its best to suck all the fun out of it that it can.

And I get it, it can be fun to poke fun at dating games (like any genre). That's why Haotoful Boyfriend is so popular. The trouble is, this game doesn't do that well. Even the author themselves state that they started to do that and then got lazy. And it shows. And when it's lazy and your reward for finishing a route is a pretentious lecture, it just comes off as rude, not funny.

I'm sure there are people who enjoy it, but to me everything I've seen in the game and by the author on their Tumblr all I see is someone who thinks playing dating games are something to be ashamed of and discouraged.

Haven't played this yet, but I want the cute trans boy-

trans girl* ;;
trans girl = 'mtf'
trans boy = 'ftm'

Yeah, sorry about that;;

I didn't know she was a boy from the start, and I thought she was ftm kms


it's ok! now you know ^^


this game was a waste of my time. the characters were tacky and the "moral" doesn't hit hard at all

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I completely agree. Also Holy shit apparently I can edit ppl's replies why is this site so broken

I second that.

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This game was fun to play!https://youtu.be/04L2zKNl9Zk

well played, that was awesome! Really got me!

Oh wow I finally got around to watching it and I gotta say this is probably one of the softest nicest lets plays I've seen. By the way at the funny joke part if you spam click the game will continue

Thanks! That means a lot, This wa an awesome game btw. Thanks for making it! Really made my night


i KNOW you wanted to make a statement, but did you have to do it like this? i mean, i don't mind that you did it in the form of a game, but i REALLY didn't like the atitude you took in it.


It was a really super pretentious thing, and it didn't even deliver right, because it set up an actual romance and then said "Haha but actually this isn't a romance" - and then followed up with "but you know how you got the romance (that isn't a romance)? Do that in real life! (even though it won't get you a real romance somehow)". At least it could have been better if you confess instantly, instead of actually building up a relationship over months.

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Thanks for making such an awesome game!

Teresa Best Girl~


Here's my little play through of the game. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to make this. I really appreciate i!

welp this was an adventure! thanks for the life advice tho :D


i downloaded this to play a dating sim not some fucking coffee shop


so in american the people make the use of term "Dating sim" for Almost all that you can have romance, and not for games like the real thing. Like a Tokimemo for example.

Awesome game ! too bad i didn't end up with anyone even tried it twice lol

Happy Valentines Day, we played this dating sim and it was HILARIOUS

Is it that simple?

this is probably one of the most hard-hitting lets plays i've seen. Thanks for sharing it w us, dude.


0/10 cant date my broom.

outraged that not everyone has gotten a change to play this game yet.

This game is FANTASTIC! The humor is so wonderful and some of the endings are so unexpected. This game had me laughing for days every time I thought about it.

This video has my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ending that I've gotten so far. Who knew I would get married?


lmao this is the best dating simulator game I ever play, I laughed like 1 min after playing the whole game XD

btw I really love ur art style <3 :^


i left a review too, but i guess comments are different and idk how this site works, BUT i just wanted to tell u that this is such a nice and cute game!

also it was such a nice surprise for there to be a trans character too, until now ive never found a game w a trans character tht wasnt like... fetishized or treated as a joke, so this is such a great game!! i love it!

this is the best comment. I am printing this out and framing it on my wall

Great job on the game! It has amazing graphics and a really cool way of interacting with the player! <3 I made a video on this game It will be a pleasure if you, @huegor checked it out :)

omg this is gr8. can I post this on my blog?

Yes, I'd be honored! :)


man your visula novel is just way too funny, thanks for creating it.


I made a video of this and I thought it was great!


aaaaaaaaa thank you!

check out my gameplay of thsi game tomorrow in my chanel

ps aswome game i loved it and i think im probably not the best person to play it either...


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I would like to publicly apologize...cleverapplications is real...i just can't spell rip

felt like I was working! not good T T...

anyways I was laughing a lot. I like it.

Is it supposed to take like five seconds to play this game? I'm not complaining, but I got two really quick, abrupt endings. Am I missing some story elements?

There are definitely more than two quick, abrupt endings. This is because there are 10 quick, abrupt endings! Except not all of them are quick and not all of them are abrupt. But yeah, keep digging! There's a lot more to do in this game than just dating the three main characters.

Well, fantastic then

Had a really fun time! interesting twist at the end as well:3 worth checking out definitely!

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This is a well-done game c: Thanks for making it c:

Somehow I ended up with Sheldon instead of Zane? I got Zane's "bad" ending, but I think I missed a cue on how to get his good ending? ;3; Or was "fate" the only ending you can get with him? I kinda expected a similar ending to Sheldon

Hey there! To get Zane's ending, make sure to get everyone else's order wrong. During your break, go outside and wait for Zane to show up. After that, choose any option except "what". Good luck

Oh thank you! It somehow never occured to me to get the order's wrong XD

Thought it was actually gonna be a dating sim >.>

im sorry i cant really find the download? is it flash?

hey, sorry about that. I was updating the game. the downloads should be back up.

thank you~

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