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This is not a serious game. Currently 11.5 endings with 10 different ending cards.

In case you want an idea of what exactly you can date, take a look at this post... (spoilers)

Will update with bug fixes maybe. Last update: Jan 13 2017

Soundtrack here.


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Published15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, renpy, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer


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DateAlmostAnythingSim-1.0-mac.zip 162 MB
DateAlmostAnythingSim-1.0-win.zip 163 MB


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felt like I was working! not good T T...

anyways I was laughing a lot. I like it.

Is it supposed to take like five seconds to play this game? I'm not complaining, but I got two really quick, abrupt endings. Am I missing some story elements?

Had a really fun time! interesting twist at the end as well:3 worth checking out definitely!

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This is a well-done game c: Thanks for making it c:

Somehow I ended up with Sheldon instead of Zane? I got Zane's "bad" ending, but I think I missed a cue on how to get his good ending? ;3; Or was "fate" the only ending you can get with him? I kinda expected a similar ending to Sheldon

Hey there! To get Zane's ending, make sure to get everyone else's order wrong. During your break, go outside and wait for Zane to show up. After that, choose any option except "what". Good luck

Thought it was actually gonna be a dating sim >.>

im sorry i cant really find the download? is it flash?

hey, sorry about that. I was updating the game. the downloads should be back up.

thank you~

not usually the biggest fan of dating sims but this one really kept my interest alive, enjoyed the characters and always a big fan of multiple ending games, also loved the humour from the narrative P.O.V

had a cheeky go for a video, hope you enjoy as much as I did playing

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Gosh, thank you so much! I love watching your reactions lol

May I post this on my blog

yea of course you can :)

thanks again for making this and I look forward to your future projects :)

is this uhh, "accurate" informationif i wanted to date you in real life [im joking]

Hey,, i originally played this game because of the beautiful art style and out of procrastination, cause i'm human garbage and all, and i was so h*cking surprised when ( out of a moment of why the hell not ) i tried to ask Sammy to be my gf, and uh,, the talk,,, really got to me tbh, it literally went 0 to 100 so fast i caught tears in my eyes, seriously hit me in the feels. Anyways, i just wanted to say this game is fricking amazing, but i'm still going to keep on procrastinating and not clean my room :'^)

Am I the only one who got the weird "Calluna ending", who's Calluna anyway, is that a reference?

heya! Calluna is the name of the player character. Her name doesn't come up at first because the pc is supposed to be generic. When you give her a name (in this case, Calluna), she is no longer a generic protagonist, and instead becomes her own character. So yeah, the act of naming in this game is treated as discovering/evoking one's identity or individuality, which is why she was able to reclaim her character :^)

Hey.. this game is awesome! and the narrator's dialogue is superb!

so... I made a video of this game and i have fun while playing this game!


oh my god this is unreal. thank you so much! Can I post this on my blog?

Sure thing! Do whatever you want :DDD

Can you leave the link of your blog that would be cool!

yeah here it is lol

This so cool! thank you very much!

Oh wow! Totally unexpected! Hahaha. You got me ;p

Hello! How to contact you by email about this game? :)

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hey there! You can send me an email at ennbistore@gmail.com


I can just tell how much effort you've put into this and how well thought out everything in- game is! The characters, the overall game mechanics, everything! Thank you for making this, it's so amazing aaa

Anyways, I don't care what the ending said, Sammy is my wife now. End of story.

I've got you covered